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Become a Supplier/Affiliate

Concierge Desk is an exclusive member benefits program offered as a complete loyalty program for corporate business, company clientele, employees, associations and social clubs.

Concierge Desk offers its members the opportunity to save on their everyday spending as well as luxury items:

·Accommodation & Travel

·Activities & Experiences

·Concierge Desk Box Office

·Discounted Retail Vouchers/Gift Cards

·Movie Tickets

·Electrical Goods

·Automotive Services

·Insurance & Financial Services

All of this is available throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as some international benefits. Members can access offers by searching on our website or by calling our designated 1800 line.

How do Concierge Desk members join?

Concierge Desk is offered exclusively through Corporate Companies, Social Clubs and Associations and is not available on an individual membership basis. With hundreds of thousands of members throughout Australia and New Zealand, Concierge Desk has the fastest growing corporate membership in Australia and New Zealand.

Promotional opportunities for your business…

    • Basic Affiliate Listing - List your business and your offer with Concierge Desk. Members interested in your service or offer will find you by searching our website.
    • Advertising Banners - The special Advertising banners on the Concierge Desk website can include your details and a link to your website. This will expose your promotion to all members of the Concierge Desk.
    • E-newsletter - Each month Concierge Desk members receive an emailed newsletter containing a range of special offers. If you would like your offer to be included in the newsletter this can also be arranged.
    • NO Coupon Booklets to worry about – Concierge Desk do not print coupon booklets as our offers change and increase regularly.

What do you need to do to become a supplier?
This is an Easy process!
    • Call us With details about what your Company provide (products or Services) and the offer you would put forward to offer our members, we will then contact you to begin the process.
    • We will then work with you to create an offer for our website to be either a state or national listing and send you a link to sign off on the listing prior to going live.

      Benefits Summary
      Through Concierge Desk you will gain access to:

        • Promotion to our members including top tier companies
        • Promotion through the Internet site and email newsletters which all contribute to generate more business coming your way!
        • Exposure at Corporate Launches
        • We can set up your offer to suit your business requirements
        • As an Affiliate you will receive a Complimentary Concierge Desk membership card offering you FULL access to all products and services.

          Concierge Desk’s program offers it's members access to fantastic savings on everyday and luxury items. With over 60,000 products and services offering discounts from familiar brands, means that there is something for everyone!